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ECM Services

Strategic Planning and Consulting

We make use of the ECM3 Maturity Model to look at the "as is" and "to be" view of your organisations capability in managing Information. This allows us to view your organsation across 13 dimensions in 3 separate categories (Human, Information and Systems). This provides a template for planning a Programme of Work that iteratively delivers on that vision. This Programme can be costed and a detailed budget drawn up that is based on real measurable benefits. Each Project in the Programme of Work will move your organisation along the Maturity pathway towards the ideal "to be" view that you have identified. 

Implementation Services

 Within each Project we follow a common 5-stage methodology:


We break the project scope into "iterations" and fully involve the stakeholders in regular reviews to ensure that they understand the details of the solution as it develops.

The iterations are managed through a Project Governance framework and weekly reporting to ensure our clients have up to date information on the project deliverables, risks, issues and costs.

We use a Test Driven approach to the Build and Implement Phase which ensures that we develop appropriate User Stories and Test Cases to maintain higher quality output and to simplify future troubleshooting or upgrading processes. 


Custom Development

Every project reaches a point where the functionality provided by the core Alfresco platform may not meet the user requirements. While we recommend trying to stick to "out of the box" as much as possible in order to reduce support and maintenance complexity, we also are experienced and skilled with extending the platform. We also have a partnership with a high quality and experienced "offshore" development team in Malaysia which can significantly reduce the costs of customising the Alfresco ECM platform.